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Gypsy Kitchen Espresso Bar is our coffee shop located in the City of Lockport, NY.

Here we offer coffee, teas, and hand drafted espresso drinks. We craft our drinks based on the same principles of fresh, bold and beautifully simple ingredients as we use for our catering. We start with fresh, quality coffee and teas. We want these ingredients to shine through and not to be smothered by sugary flavor syrups and other flavorings. We think outside of the box in every way we can to bring you a new and unexpected coffee or tea experience.


This is what has prompted us to create our signature coffee flavor oils, based on the natural flavors or essential oils.. We also craft our own simple syrups using seasonal ingredients and fresh herbs to utilize the flavors of the season and continue to bring you a unique, bold coffee experience. We know these things could be seen as a bit whacky, but that's the point! We hope you will try something new and be transported to a new coffee experience that blends the culinary world with the world of coffee. 

Come see us for a coffee, tea, espresso drink, or a fresh baked good. 

We are located at:

272 East Ave

Lockport, NY 14094




Gypsy Kitchen provides private chef and curated event services in WNY. What does that mean exactly? It means that we want to keep things small(ish).


We want to make your next dinner party, anniversary celebration, shower, or other small event so, so special. We want your guests to come and be welcomed into a dining experience that will make them feel warm, welcome, and invited in. We want to make your event unique to you and what you are celebrating.


Sharing a meal with others has an incredible ability to build community and strengthen bonds between loved ones and our hope is that when you invite us to help with your next celebration, community will be fostered and guests will leave closer than when they arrived.


The heart behind Gypsy Kitchen is bringing people together around a delicious meal and feeding them fresh, bold, and beautifully simple food. Whether it is a shower or a special dinner at home, we strive to make people feel connected and welcome. Our hope that we can be a part of creating community at your next event or dinner party by providing food hand crafted with care and passion.


Hey there! I’m Madison, the owner and creative behind Gypsy Kitchen.

I was born and raised in a small WNY town surrounded by farms and open fields. As the youngest of four siblings, I began cooking at a young age out of obligation. It was a requirement that each of us cook dinner for the family one night per week. Over time, I realized that this was one chore that I didn’t mind. In fact, I began to love experimenting with different ingredients, spices, and strange combinations that somehow usually turned out well. 

The more time I spent in the kitchen, the more I realized that cooking is my truest medium of creativity and imagination. I learned that there are endless possibilities to explore and create in the kitchen and that every empty skillet, mixing bowl or cutting board could be the perfect canvas for my next culinary adventure. 

It was my love for cooking and keen sense that I would someday own a business within the hospitality field that I decided to get my degree in Hospitality. As I studied, I worked my way through several different kitchen and hospitality settings. I learned a lot from each of these experiences and in time learned that the food that I most enjoy cooking is fresh, bold, and beautifully simple. During this time I also became a barista and learned the craft behind making a great cup or coffee. I fell in love with the craft and the complexities of coffee.

We have been blessed with such beautiful ingredients that come from nature, and I believe that when we start with ingredients such as these, there is little manipulation needed to make them shine. That is why when I cook, I use as many fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices as I can get my hands on. I also love to explore the cuisines of different cultures and weave some of their traditions into my own cooking. My wanderlust is often fulfilled when I step into the kitchen to create a dish or a drink from a land that I have yet to explore in real life. My hope is that you will also be transported when you allow me to share in your next special event or when you stop in for a cup of coffee at our cafe. 



Gypsy Kitchen Espresso Bar is located at 272 East Avenue in Lockport, NY.

Gypsy Kitchen provides private chef and curated event services in WNY. Please contact us for more details. 



Private Events

Book us for your next private event. We will create a unique menu to suit your event for up to thirty people.


Private Chef Services

Let Gypsy Kitchen created a unique menu for your next dinner party of up to twenty guests. 

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